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     Please check out some of our riders experiences!

     Going to Energy Biking is the most peaceful time of my day...soft lighting, no mirrors, great music and the best of all, no stress. Oh yeah, let's not forget that biking is the best low impact workout in the world. I can see my body changing! Thank you Al, you're a great motivator!!
                                                                                             Ali Neller

    From a weight lifters perspective, I can say that spinning at Energy Biking has raised my threshold . I once thought that my weightlifting routines offered a complete workout until the effects of spinning set in. After 8 weeks of spinning, my breathing capacity has greatly increased as well as my overall daily energy level. Furthermore, unlike running, spinning is much easier on my sensitive joints, a common concern among weightlifters. What's especially good about the spin class at Energy is that all levels of athletes can spin and fit-in in the same class. I'm glad I tried it and I look forward to each day for the 1 hour ride.
                                                                                            Tom Welcome

    I have tried every exercise you can imagine and couldn't find results. I saw my doctor and he told me I was on the verge of having to go on medication because I was borderline diabetic. I did not want that because once you get on that it is very hard to get off. He gave me 60 days to loose some weight and control the diabetes with diet and exercise.
    One day Al and I passed each other at the Gym. Al was an old friend from high School that I always had respect for. He mentioned that he was starting up a spinning class. I told him I didn't think I was strong enough or just not in good enough shape, but he insisted that I could do it and "take it at my own pace". The first 3 classes were tough, and I had to sit more often than the others. I kept coming back at Als' encouragement. Class by class I got stronger and better at it.
    I started trying other classes with other instructors(Shelli, Carole, Daryl, Katie). They all had different styles and techniques. They were all great workouts.
    I came out of class feeling so proud of myself. I brought myself out of the danger zone for diabetes, lost some weight and came down 2 dress sizes. It has taken some time and a change in my eating habits, but I know that if I stick with this, I can reach my goal.
    There also doesn't seem to be any "muscle memory" with spinning that I had been warned about. Every class is different. Different Music (which is awesome), different routines, and a new challenge every time you show up.
    Anybody who tries this seems to get addicted. It's not easy, but through your desire for a different, healthier body and the constant motivation you get from the instructors, you will see results.
    When I am driving home it hits me that I just hard core  biked almost 20 miles. It feels so good! It is a long road I have to go down but with Energy Biking I will get there. Thanks Al. Starting spinning at Energy Fitness helped finally find the solution.
                                                                                           Gina Bunch

    After shoulder surgery in September 09, I knew I would have to make some changes to my workouts. For years I was a weightlifter, with very little cardio. After trying one spin class "I was hooked". I spin 3 to 4 times a week. My wind and endurance hasn't been this good since high school, and that was 25 years ago. If you never tried a spin class, I highly recommend you give it a try. It is such a fun atmosphere. The instructors are awesome, and very knowledgeable.
                                                                                          Barry Julian

    Energy Biking is by far the best spinning program in the area. I have been taking spinning classes at Energy since they opened and I am totally hooked. The atmosphere is perfect; subdued lighting, great music, state of the art bikes, and superior instructors. Everyone at Energy makes you feel welcomed and is very supportive. Al, the owner is an amazing person and is so encouraging and motivating. He has a way of making a very strenuous exercise fun. By the end of class, I feel re energized and stress free. If you are looking for a great workout with great results, Energy Biking is a must.
                                                                                          Nancy Cilfone   

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